domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

The manufacturer Aeronautics Brazilian Embraer presented this week its first aircraft

The manufacturer Aeronautics Brazilian Embraer presented this week its first aircraft with characteristics of "apartment", during the 11th fair of aviation Executive of America Latin "Labace", which was inaugurated at the airport of Congonhas in São Paulo.

The Lineage 1000-E, known informally as "flying home", is seventy square meters one of the largest private aircraft in the luxury market of Executive aviation and the first manufactured in the country with these characteristics.

The size of the plane corresponds to a residential apartment and has a piece, living room, bathroom and typical decoration of housing.

Choice of model and a price close to the 55 million reals (US $24.1 million), the aircraft is one of the attractions of the eleventh edition of the largest exhibition and annual Conference of business in Latin America, which was inaugurated by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Moreira Franco.

"The fair will be a thermometer to see if the panorama of executive aircraft market reverts", affected by the crisis, told journalists the President of Embraer, Marco Tulio Pellegrini.

The deceleration of the Brazilian economy in the first half hit the purchase of this type of aircraft in the country, said Pellegrini, who, despite the reduction of sales, said that the market "not lost interest" in this type of aircraft.

"Executive aircraft are productivity tools, exercise business and are related to the health of the economy," said the Executive, without giving numbers of falling sales in the sector.

Executive aviation market has an expectation of economic recovery from the exhibition of novelties in the sector at the trade fair, said Pellegrini.

The fair presents executive aircraft of "high-performance", with common equipment for large aircrafts, but which are adapted to the type jet and in which the public can enter and sit on board.

One of the proposals is the style of luxury to the interior of the aircraft, with furniture, electronic equipment and more spaces, with prices varying between four million and 22 million reals (US $1.75 million and US $9.6 million).

The Executive aircraft on the mainland market is led by 12,000 aircraft in operation in the United States and 780 in Brazil, which has just announced the creation of a unit of aeromechanics in Recife, capital of Pernambuco and who will be the first in the region of the Northeast.

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Nuevo agujero negro

The Crown has collapsed during its approach to the black hole as a result of the intense gravity pushing all the light above the disks that surround it, where materials rotating spiral", explained Michael Parker, of the Institute of astronomy in Cambridge, in the communication published by the American space agency, NASA.

The image that is considered absolutely is "rare and extreme", was captured by the nuclear telescope NuSTAR, which analyzes the emission of high energy x-rays coming from the center of our Milky Way and other areas beyond our Galaxy from 2012.

A phenomenon of indescribable power to 324 million light years

The unspeakable power of gravity of the black hole, including drag x-rays inward, creating the phenomenon of the Crown, which is actually a light distortion of those rays. Scientists want to know if supermassive black holes are present in all the galaxies, something once more checking, in this case in a phenomenon that occurs to 324 million light years from our planet, in the constellation of Pegasus.

Markarian 335 agujeronegro, has approximately ten million of the mass of our Sun, but it's just 30 times bigger than our star King.

Add to this masa-tamano relationship, his phenomenal speed, is reach dimensions where there are distorted to the time and space of the environment, something which greatly intrigued scientists

martes, 15 de julio de 2014

The American computer group Apple and IBM announced on Tuesday a partnership

The American computer group Apple and IBM announced on Tuesday a partnership focused on the market of professional clients.

Both groups be designed in common mobile applications integrating IBM technologies to companies for the iPhone and iPad tablet. Meanwhile, IBM also sell devices like iPhone and iPad, integrating products tailored to professional customers, detailed the joint communiqué of the groups.